Ticketless Taylor Swift fans are gathering outside stadiums for a different kind of Eras Tour experience

Worrell, who has been unable to get tickets to any show so far, described the environment in the park as “magical.” She is a newer fan of Swift, but the connection she’s feeling to others has made her feel that everyone is “one in the same.”

“I’m like a little baby into Taylor Nation but especially with this tour, it’s so cheesy but like, the girlhood community is thriving right now,” Worrell said.

Having tickets to a show or not is irrelevant for Taylgaters, because even those who saw Swift on stage want to be part of the outside crowd.

Samantha Funk, 28, and Katelyn Worrell, 28.
Samantha Funk, 28, and Katelyn Worrell, 28.Akilah Townsend / NBC News

Funk, who was able to get a ticket with other friends to Swift’s opening night in Arizona, said it didn’t matter what kind of seat you have. All of the same fans who are inside the stadium creating the type of show worth being at are the ones creating the Taylgating crowds, she explained.

“Taylor said at the opening night show, how her songs are essentially like, an autopsy of everything that’s ever happened in her life,” Funk said. “And the fact that she’s always been so open to that is, is why everyone is out here. It’s because everyone can feel some sort of like connection to her experience.”

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