‘Succession’ extras spill after keeping spoilers secret for months

Mylod said he was “tremendously grateful” that “everybody obliged.”

“It was out of good will, really … and [I’m] actually quite moved by that,” he said. “It can be such a cynical world sometimes. That everybody kept the secret was really fantastic.”

Gregory Allen, 54, called being on the show a “bucket list” moment in his TikTok video, which featured a clip of a scene he was a background actor in.

Inside the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola in New York City, Allen was among hundreds of extras seated for Logan’s funeral for the show’s penultimate episode, titled “Church and State.”

They “weren’t told whose funeral it was,” Allen said, and two different versions of the prop programs were distributed to the background actors at the church. 

Some of the programs had the face of actor Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy. Others had been printed with the face of actor James Cromwell, who plays Logan’s brother, Ewan Roy. The programs were “carefully counted” to make sure each one was returned at the end of the day.

Cox even showed up to the set of his character’s funeral in an effort to prevent his character’s death from leaking to the paparazzi assembled outside the church.

It was a hard secret to keep.

Gregory Allen, 54, an extra on “Succession” on logan roy’s death

Allen said the shows’ actors “talk very softly in the show,” so the extras could not hear much of the dialogue across the cavernous church, “unless they were standing right behind them.” Once the eulogies began, the actors delivered their lines into a microphone, confirming that the funeral was for Logan Roy.

“You cannot go home and put a picture of you on your social media,” the extras were warned. “We are watching for these things.”

“It was a hard secret to keep,” Allen said. But ultimately, he said “didn’t want to ruin it” for someone who was a fan of the show and said he was determined to tell no one until the episode dropped.

Gabriela Amerth, 28, had kept Logan’s death a secret since last summer. When “Connor’s Wedding,” the episode she appeared in as an extra, finally aired in April, she posted a TikTok highlighting her appearance.

The episode was filmed on a boat, she said, which left the dock and swiftly turned around when the Roy siblings learned of their father’s death. 

“The only thing they told us was that something happened,” Amerth said. She and the other extras were told to look “disappointed” but were not explicitly informed of the character’s death.

She said she suspected someone had died because every time one of the lead actors left a private room on top of the boat, “they left the room sobbing.” She realized it was likely Logan when almost all the other core Roy family were present at the boat scene.

Amerth said she was “actually really surprised” the news didn’t leak but did not struggle to keep the spoiler to herself. 

When her friends asked for inside information from set, Amerth told them, “I’m not gonna ruin it for you, and I don’t want to ruin it for you because I wish I hadn’t ruined it for myself. It’s going to be so much better for you if I don’t tell you.” 

Still, Amerth said it was “100 percent” worth ruining the surprise for herself and was “honored to be on the show.” 

Polk had a similar strategy when his sister and her husband kept “grilling” him about the experience. 

“I was like, ‘Oh, no, nothing important,’ he said, when they asked him what happened in the episode. “And I’d seen the man’s body get wheeled off the plane.”

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