A New York man is fired after a woman accused him of ripping her wig off in the street

A woman whose wig was ripped off her head by a man as she was walking in New York City early Monday said she now wants to take legal action.

The woman, known online as Lizzy Ashliegh, posted a video on TikTok of an incident that she said took place near Penn Station around 1 a.m., when a man ripped off a turquoise wig from her head. In the video, which had over 500,000 views Wednesday evening, Ashliegh, who is audibly distraught, asks the man, “For what reason did you take my wig off?” The man appears intoxicated and laughs when he is questioned.

“Why did you do that?” Ashliegh asks the man. “What makes you think that that’s OK?”

The video shows that two people were with the man and that they encouraged him to apologize.

Ashliegh, who is a creative director, actor and singer, posted another TikTok video later in the morning explaining how her wig was secured with combs, highlighting the excessive force the man used when he ripped it off her head.

“If you pull the wig, it looks like it’s going to come off, right, but it gets stuck, because it has combs in it,” Ashliegh says in the video. “So he ended up pulling my hair.”

Ashliegh’s initial TikTok video got hundreds of comments from TikTok users who ultimately helped identify the man as Anthony P. Orlich, who worked as a litigator for Leader Berkon Colao and Silverstein LLP, a law practice based in New York. The firm declined to comment, directing NBC News to a statement posted Tuesday on LinkedIn announcing Orlich’s termination. 

“We have been made aware of a video of a non-work related incident involving one of our associates circulating on social media,” the statement read. “We take seriously any inappropriate behavior by any employee, whether inside or outside the workplace. This associate is no longer with the Firm.”

The firm’s post prompted comments from dozens of people on LinkedIn, including some Black users, who said that Orlich should be charged with assault and that his termination is not enough. 

A request for comment sent to Orlich’s previous work email was returned with a notice saying he “is no longer with Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP.”

Attempts to reach Orlich through phone numbers listed under his name were unsuccessful. 

Ashliegh did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ashliegh she thanked her followers in another TikTok video she posted Monday, noting that people “found him in less than 12 hours.” She said she also filed a police report later that day and visited a doctor, who told her that her “neck area is very tense” and prescribed a muscle relaxer, she said. 

The New York Police Department said it could not provide any details.

In a TikTok video posted Tuesday, Ashliegh said she is “unable to say more at the moment as I move forward legally.” She told her followers she would share any updates with them.

Isabela Espadas Barros Leal contributed.

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